This mandate has revolutionised our parenting. It has changed my life. It has given me the courage to pursue an authentic existence and the grace to allow others to do the same.

Be the change you wish to see in your children.
Simple, but effective.

Whenever I see behaviour in our own children that I don’t like, I stop and examine myself to see where I model it in the first instance. I can’t necessarily change my children, but I can change myself.

Language, manners, customs, habits, attitudes — I must first manifest the values that I desire to see in others. My passion at the moment is for our children, and I do want them to grow up to be strong, loving, creative, godly people. It is for this reason that I seek the righteous enlightenment that will first turn me into a godly woman.

A leader serves best by laying down his or her life, and so I sacrifice my own — my selfishness, my laziness, my petty jealousies and grudges — to become the love-filled person that I want our children to be. I won’t ask our children to change for my sake — I’ll change for theirs instead.

Be the change you wish to see in your children.

If this phrase resonates with you, you can join the gentle revolution in parenting and inspire others to do the same. Let me offer you a few props for the cause.

Bumper stickers that say
Free bumper stickers are now available to anyone who wants one.

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Be the change you wish to see in your children. (From
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Let’s not waste any more time blaming others, our environment or our life circumstances. We can improve the world today, simply by first improving ourselves. For the sakes of our children, let’s start changing today.

Update: 21 December 2014

Posting letters, January 2013
I tend to post the stickers in bulk, so sometimes it may take a while to receive yours.

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