After the Dancing Ground Festival finished, we kept travelling south to visit a friendly family. The girls currently consider our shed to be “home”, and so we’ll take a number of short trips in The Gifted Gypsy to slowly adjust to living on the road again.

We visited Hellena Post and Currawong Song a couple of months ago when I needed a sanity break. This time, we were returning to a familiar house and established friendships for the girls — a real draw-card!

Hellena Post spinning, October 2012
Hellena loves to spin the wool she gets from a special friend in South Australia. She says it's the most relaxing thing she can do.

Currawong and Lillith, October 2012
Currawong is boiling pots of fibre on an outside stove — dyeing wool to inspire Hellena's fantastic fibre creations.

Currawong Song, October 2012
As Currawong gets excited about dyeing the wool, his mood is infectious and all the children want to be involved. Currawong's dedication to his family and his passion for his children reminds me so much of David's parenting style.

Balthazar and Currawong Song, October 2012
Balthazar chooses the colours for his batch of wool and Currawong adds the dye to the pot.

Hellena Post and Lauren Fisher, October 2012
All this wool and talk of fibre encourages me to get out my latest crochet project.

Zarrathustra and Hellena Post, October 2012
Baby Z sits on Hellena's lap while she starts crocheting some toes on a new person. Although she has already made several people from wool, Hellena aspires to create an articulated person from crochet and wire.

Hellena and Zarrathustra, July 2012
Last time we were here, Hellena introduced me to her special felted lady friend, Ursula.

Crocheted tree known as Ermintrude's tree by Hellena Post, October 2012
This magnificent crocheted tree was on display in the home and has given me all sorts of ideas!

All this wool, spinning, hooking and creations has inspired me to keep on crocheting. I have ideas for accents that I would like to make for our new home, and once all the other small things on the bus are finished, I’ll have time to start new projects. Hellena and Currawong are so inspiring in the way they live creatively, and I’d like to be more creative within my daily tasks.

The Gifted Gypsy parked in the countryside at Billin Cliffs, October 2012
We park off the road near the house and greet the other community members who pass by.

Hellena Post, Currawong Song and Zarrathustra in front of their Coaster, October 2012
Hellena and Currawong recently bought a Coaster bus (like mine, but a bit longer) and perhaps we'll have an opportunity to travel together in the future.

Balthazar and Calista, October 2012
During this visit, Balthazar and Calista become good friends and play an elaborate game of horses and kingdoms.

Lillith and Brioni, October 2012
Soon the kids are playing in our bus as well as in the house.

Delaney, Lily and Aisha in the front of The Gifted Gypsy, October 2012
I have to remind myself that this is the girls' home, and I *want* them to feel comfortable in it, and so that means I must allow them the freedom to spend as much time in the bus as they want.

Wanda, Yollana, Spiral, Lauren and Currawong, October 2012
Late in the afternoon, friends stop by to chat, and we join Currawong outside as he mimics the rhythm of his spirit.

Yollana modelling Ermitrude's tree as a hat, October 2012
While conveniently dressed in complementary colours, Yollana crowns herself with Hellena's tree.

It’s been a comfortable visit with good friends. I’m glad to see the children’s friendships expanding as we return to familiar faces. This little trip has given us an opportunity to get used to living in The Gifted Gypsy and we’re returning to our base camp inspired and invigorated.

Magnetic words on the fridge, October 2012
The magnetic letters on the fridge perfectly sum up the household's spirit.

One photo was taken by Hellena Post and pinched off FB by me.