Our family has been extra-blessed this week by the presence of grandparents — not ours, mind you — but they’re still grand-parents to the girls and are a wonderful support and encouragement to me. Delcie and Alan have travelled up from the Blue Mountains to visit David, support me to do the same, play with the girls and assist with the housebus projects.

Delcie and Alan Wardrop, October 2012
We joke that Delcie and Alan have chosen to holiday at the Fisher Resort Camp this year.

We first met the Wardrops last year when we travelled through the Blue Mountains. After touring a park in bloom, we followed them home, and later visited them several other times when back in the area. I was especially touched earlier this year when Delcie travelled to Brisbane for Elijah’s unfuneral.

Delcie stayed with us in the shed after the unfuneral, and so she knew what it is like to be living in our base camp. We stopped living full-time in a house two years ago, and so our family is accustomed to irregular bed-spaces, working from a camp-kitchen, using a detached bathroom and spending a lot of time outdoors. While we prefer to be living on the road, we find the conditions in the shed to be comfortable and adequate. I have had visitors refuse to stay in the shed for whatever reasons, and so to have a couple visit and embrace us where we are at and how we live is refreshing and encouraging.

The timing of the Wardrops’ visit has been especially beneficial as I have been trying to get items finished on The Gifted Gypsy. Their presence has meant that I have been able to get tasks done that would have otherwise inconvenienced the girls. Alan has been valuable in offering advice on technical matters, and together he and Delcie have built on their relationships with the girls so they can appreciate each one as a talented individual.

I can tell that this couple have been adopted and accepted by our girls because of the way Delaney now relates to them. At one point, I was nursing Calista on my knees to comfort her, and Delaney felt that she needed a cuddle at the same time. When Delcie offered her own lap, Dell climbed into it willingly. A child’s trust and honour is also a mark of approval, and to gain this one must be first pure of spirit and then also full of pure love.

Alan also has helped me out lots by tending to tasks that I hadn’t yet given my attention to. From changing a light-bulb in the bathroom to installing hooks and towel-rails, he’s seen jobs that needed doing and has jumped in. In the bus, he installed the stereo and then has started fashioning me a pair of little speakers for a more balanced listening experience!

I’m so grateful to Alan and Delcie for the time they have given us this month. They met us and knew us as a family in the last twelve months, and as such, they have continued to support us as a family. They hold a special place in our hearts, and have shown us how to demonstrate love in real and tangible ways. Thank you, guys.