It was an honour and a surprise to see Delcie at Elijah’s unfuneral. I hadn’t known she was travelling up from the Blue Mountains, and was extra thankful that she had the spare time to spend another week with us.

We met Delcie and her husband while visiting the Blue Mountains in October last year, and they welcomed us into their home and loved our children as their own grandchildren. It was a pleasure to visit several times with Elijah in February.

Delcie reading to Brioni and Calista, July 2012
The girls love it when Delcie reads stories to them.

Delcie has the wonderful gift of giving children respectful attention that affirms and encourages their individuality. Our girls love Delcie as a grandmother and would love to live next door to her!

Delcie showing Calista a photo on her phone, July 2012
Calista poses her toys and then reviews the photos Delcie takes.

Delaney, Delcie and Calista in the shed, July 2012
Taking photos is a fun and easy way to interact with young children!

Delaney and Delcie in the shed, July 2012
Dell shows an interest in what Delcie is doing and asks for a photo including her.

Lauren Fisher and Decie Wardrop, July 2012
I really enjoy spending time with Delcie — she's an excellent listener and encourager, a great friend!

Thank you, Delcie, for coming all this way to support our family at this time. I appreciate our friendship and the way you have encouraged me with your presence this week.

Some photos by Delcie Wardrop.