Brioni loves animals and is desperate for a pet of her own. So when she found a tame butterfly at a friend’s house, she was eager to make a home for it in an ice-cream container and christened it the name “Rosie”.

Brioni with Rosie the butterfly, September 2012
The butterfly is tame because one its wings is broken, but this doesn't matter to Brioni.

Rosie the butterfly has accompanied us to the museum, the beach and more. It has travelled in its open container and occasionally become lost in the car or the shed. However, Brioni manages to locate it and return it to its plastic home that is decorated with leaves and flowers.

Brioni sleeping next to her pet butterfly, September 2012
Brioni positions Rosie carefully next to her before she falls asleep.

Rosie is a Wanderer Butterfly — known also as a Monarch Butterfly in North America. It’s quite easy to tell male and females apart, as the male has a small sex mark on its hind wings.

Delaney watches Rosie the butterfly, September 2012
It's fun to have a tame butterfly to examine very closely.

Rosie the butterfly, September 2012
We take the butterfly out to feed on flowers or seek out flowers to bring to her.

Today, however, we conceded that Rosie was properly lost. We thought she was somewhere in the car but have been unable to locate her. Perhaps she blew out the window while we were driving, which is quite a tragic end for a pet, but Brioni is already moving past the loss and is looking for a new animal to keep. I wonder what it’ll be next!