A well-publicised Homeschoolers Open Day is an excellent opportunity for interested parents to meet a variety of homeschooling families and ask questions about how homeschooling works and what it can look like. Today we travelled south to Nimbin to support the local homeschooling network who got together at the Bush Theatre to promote homeschooling.

Homeschoolers Open Day in Nimbin, October 2012
A little bit of planning, publicity and participation is all that is needed to offer an Open Homeschooling Day in your local area.

Nimbin Bush Theatre, October 2012
Previously a butter factory, Nimbin's Bush Theatre serves as a meeting space for community events, arts and entertainment.

When we arrived, I didn’t know anyone. There were a number of fathers on hand as well as the ubiquitous homeschooling mothers, and serious discussions were being held around one picnic table. Another group of women were sitting on mats nearby, weaving and chatting as their hands fashioned beautiful objects.

After scouting the area, the girls wanted to play in the creek, but the steep bank prevented them from accessing the water. This didn’t stop Brioni, however, who played in the bushes for quite a while.

Cullen Bridge, Nimbin
Built over Mulgum Creek in 1931, the historical Cullen Bridge serves as pedestrian access to the Bush Theatre. Vocal locals have been successful in delaying its planned demolition.

Brioni in the bushes, October 2012
While exploring the creek bank, Brioni finds a hollow beneath some bushes and uses it as a cubby.

Open homeschooling day in Nimbin, October 2012
The Bush Theatre offers a number of outside tables and interesting old church pews for the parents and children who want to sit and talk (or climb).

Jess and her hoops, Nimbin, October 2012
Jess has brought her large collection of hoops to the venue and encourages our children to play with them in various ways.

Jess and her hoops, Nimbin, October 2012
With a bit of practice, the girls learn how to build semi-stable structures from the plastic circles.

Playing with the spinning wheel, October 2012
Emma is sitting in the spinning/weaving circle and patiently allows the girls to experiment with her wheel.

I’m really interested in continuing to promote homeschooling through open days. Drawing veterans and interested newcomers together into one space means that the information can be shared through relationships and testimonies. Parents can meet other parents, kids can play together and all this happens without enterprises trying to sell their wares.

I think that Brisbane (and every other town, for that matter!) would really benefit from a non-commercial Open Homeschool Day, and if someone is interested in making one happen, I’d love to help! Let me know.