In Queensland, the best beach weather is spring and autumn. Our girls were ecstatic to drive down to the southern end of the Gold Coast today, where we dug in the sand, dipped our toes in the water and revelled in the sun.

Calista on the beach, Currumbin, September 2012
Calista is so excited to be back at the beach that she hardly touches the sand as she dances to the water.

Aisha and Brioni going into the water at the beach, Currumbin, September 2012
Brioni and Aisha enter the water. I also saw them practising water-bending on the rolling waves.

Brioni at Swell sculpture, Currumbin, September 2012
Sculptures are on display at Currumbin, and Brioni poses in the middle of one.

Calista as a mermaid at the beach, Palm Beach, September 2012
Calista dresses herself in a mermaid's tail.

Playing at the beach, Palm Beach, September 2012
Brioni's new friend Owen tips water to make their "creek" flow freely.

I’m looking forward to living in the bus because then we’ll be able to linger longer at the beach. The eastern coast of Australia has so many wonderful beaches — it would be wonderful to visit the beach almost every day as we travel south for summer. I know the girls wouldn’t object to that lifestyle — would you?