Today was a local homeschooling group’s Spring Fair — a chance for children to show off their handiworks, offload old toys and make some money. It’s also a great opportunity for our girls to use math concepts in meaningful ways as they count out their coins and work out how much they need for each transaction.

Homeschooling group's Spring Fair, September 2012
Families set up tables under the shady trees or lay out their wares on blankets on the mulch.

Brioni and Aisha playing a magnetic fishing game, September 2012
A simple magnetic fishing game entices our girls to start participating in activities.

Brioni paying with money from her purse, September 2012
Brioni counts out the money from her purse to buy some beautiful handmade crafts from girls that aren't that much older than her.

Calista and Aisha buying a fruit skewer from Anna, September 2012
Some families have prepared snacks for sale, and these beautiful fruit skewers catch our girls' eyes.

Brioni getting her face painted, September 2012
Sheryl paints a fabulous garland of flowers on Brioni's forehead.

Calista's arm paint, September 2012
Calista checks out the butterfly resting on her arm.

Delaney on the slide, September 2012
With a playground nearby, we take some time to try out the equipment.

I’m so glad that we got to visit the Spring Fair. It’s great be able to connect with other homeschoolers, and the experience may have ignited a desire in our girls to start their own little market stall at the next opportunity. We’ll see!