We returned today to Art with Altitude to see Stradbroke Dreamtime — a fine performance by the youth from the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts. Ben, Kaleenah and Alinta introduced themselves and opened their show with a beautiful song about the islands that lay off the coast of Brisbane’s metropolis.

Stradbroke Dreamtime, September 2012
The performers sit in the middle of their audience and continually change places to perform to all corners.

The show is based on Kath Walker/Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s book of the same name (an excellent review of it can be found here). It contains stories of growing up Aboriginal as a lower class to the white people, confrontations with native wildlife, survival and relationships.

Kaleenah at Stradbroke Dreamtime, September 2012
Kaleenah's grandmother is the author of Stradbroke Dreamtime.

Stradbroke Dreamtime, September 2012
When the grey dingy is tipped over, the colourful display draws gasps of appreciation from the audience.

Stradbroke Dreamtime, September 2012
We hear tales of fishing, hunting, school and home.

We only heard some of the stories from Stradbroke Dreamtime today, but the presentation was mesmerising. We also enjoyed the opportunity to interact with some of the art installations again and loved a silent performance by the Flipside Circus.

Flipside Circus performers, August 2012
The purple peoples' slow motion hypnotises us.

Later, the girls ask to go to a playground. We return to Colmslie Reserve, which has got to be one of the most imaginative playgrounds in Brisbane city.

Playing with sand at Colmslie Reserve, August 2012
The girls happily play together on the different equipment.

Red leaves on a green tree, August 2012
These scarlet leaves in an otherwise green tree catch my eye.

It’s nice to get out again. We all benefit from the external stimulation, and I hope to do more of it next week!