One of the advantages of travelling around is that we meet a variety of families who have children of different ages. Somewhere along the line, there are special friends for each of our girls within compatible families, and I feel optimistic that today we have met a good friend for Delaney.

Delaney and Jemimah on the swingset, August 2012
After taking turns on each of the swings, Jemimah and Dell discover they can double their fun by sharing a swing.

Naomi contacted me soon after Elijah’s death and invited us to visit them when we on the northside of Brisbane. Since we were already in the neighbourhood, we stopped by today to introduce ourselves properly and have ended up staying for the night!

It’s been lovely to properly get to know Naomi and hear more about her life. She and Michael have two boys — Eli, 11 and Sam, 6 — as well as Jemimah, and I like hearing about the personalities of each child and the way they experience life as a family.

Delaney and Jemimah on the swingset, August 2012
Two two-year-olds are happily entertained by the simple swingset in the back yard!

Calista on the trampoline, August 2012
Calista tests out the springs on the trampoline. Although the back yard equipment is the same at many houses, our children take delight in the minute differences and and like to explore it all fully.

Delaney in the swing, August 2012
Another swing hangs from a mango tree. Mango trees remind me so much of where I grew up in West Africa, and I pick the leaves and rub them between my fingers so the scent evokes specific memories.

Jemimah Gonelli, August 2012
Jemimah is a friendly girl — quickly identifying us as "friends!" — and it's a pleasure to get to know her at this age so she and Delaney can grow up as good friends.

Tree man, August 2012
Jemimah was the first person to spot the "man" in this tree, although now it seems quite obvious to us all.

Lauren pushing Delaney in the car, August 2012
I suspect this car is supposed to be electrically-powered, it works just as well with a little bit of sweat and muscle!

When Naomi’s husband Michael came home, he offered to have a look at some issues in the bus for me. I really appreciate the time he’s given me as he’s shown me where all the serviceable parts are and we’ve talked about how often the filters need to be changed.

Michael Gonelli changing the oil in the bus, August 2012
Using his knowledge as a mechanic, Michael shows me how to replace the oil after we've changed the oil filter. These mechanical services are not difficult to do — I just need someone to show me how to do it in the first place!

Brioni, Delaney and Aisha watching TV with Sam, August 2012
The girls' day ends with the classic movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".

Gonelli family, August 2012
Mike and Naomi with Eli, Jemimah and Sam.

As certain friendships become important to our girls, we return to their areas again and again and seek to foster the relationships. It may mean that we travel a smaller circuit, but the true value of our nomadic lifestyle is mostly in the relationships that we foster, rather than in the sights we see.