It wasn’t me walking a tight-rope today, it was Aisha and Brioni. We had an opportunity for the girls to pick up fun circus skills when we joined a local home-education group for a workshop at the fantastic Aerial Angels Academy on the Gold Coast.

At least twenty children from ages five to fifteen came to the workshop. The staff at the academy divided the children into three groups according to height, and each group rotated through the activities.

At the start of the session, Aisha and Brioni weren’t certain that they wanted to participate. The warm-up was fast-paced and impersonal, and so we all watched from the side-lines. However, once the groups split up, our girls were lured by the fun — first Brioni, then Aisha.

Brioni balances on the tight-rope, August 2012
Maddy helps Brioni across the tight-rope.

Aisha and Brioni wait their turn, August 2012
While waiting their turn at jumping on the mini-trampoline, the girls watch and learn from the other children.

Aisha jumping at the Aerial Angels Academy, August 2012
The girls work through a number of small jump routines with the help of T'La.

Aisha and Brioni at the Aerial Angels Academy, August 2012
Brioni is thrilled to finally have a turn on the trapeze — this is the most attractive part of today's class for her.

Aisha and Brioni at the Aerial Angels Academy, August 2012
Leigh-Anne directs Aisha into position.

Lauren watching her girls, August 2012
Instead of chatting with other parents, I sit at the edge of the mat and watch the children.

Maddy from Aerial Angels Academy, August 2012
Maddy demonstrates her wizardry on the aerial silks.

T'La hooping at Aerial Angels Academy, August 2012
T'La shows how three hoops can triple the fun!

Aisha hooping at the Aerial Angels Academy, August 2012
After the demonstrations, it's our girls' turns.

Aisha on the aerial silks at Aerial Angels Academy, August 2012
After Maddy's confident demonstration, Aisha and the other children are not intimidated by the aerial silks.

Leigh-Anne helping Brioni on the aerial silks, Aerial Angels Academy, August 2012
During today's class, Leigh-Anne and her helpers demonstrate cheerful enthusiasm for sharing their elite skills with the children.

Brioni on the aerial ring, Aerial Angels Academy, August 2012
Before a short period of free-play time, the girls try twisting on the aerial ring.

Delaney and Calista playing at the circus workshop, August 2012
When the kids have a break, I help Calista and Delaney onto some of the equipment.

Delaney playing at Aerial Angels Academy, August 2012
While waiting for her sisters to complete their class, Delaney practices her own somersaults on a soft wedge mattress.

Calista playing with hoops at Aerial Angels Academy, August 2012
Calista rolls the hoops around and catches them in this configuration. It's a great opportunity for me to introduce her to the word "perpendicular"!

Usually I enjoy using these meet-ups to chat with other homeschooling parents, but with Calista and Delaney not participating, I used the time to play intensely with them so they wouldn’t feel left out. We all had fun, but I did leave feeling a bit isolated after sharing only a brief chat with the mother who organised the outing. However, I’m so thankful to her for setting this up, as it gave our girls a fantastic exposure to these fun skills which they may or may not choose to continue in the future!

Photos featuring me are kindly provided by another homeschooling parent. Thanks, Danny.