Just a quick update to let you know that I have one more month of work, and then I’ll be back at home and blogging as before.

My mum Stephanie Bissett has come over from Perth, WA, to look after the girls while I’m at work, as David’s business has really taken off after a complete website revamp. Check it out!

This has meant that I could finish up properly at the CMC before taking maternity leave, and David could also pursue work too.

In December I took some time off work and was able to completely redesign David’s business identity, as well as the website, and with some clever advertising through ebay and local newspapers, he is receiving so many good leads! This is on top of regularly commercial contracts which provide a stable weekly income.

I’m currently working on a friend’s business identity and will let you know when that’s up and online so that you can browse their cool website. These extra design pursuits keep my skills current (as I have to learn new web/software developments) and marketable.

Our baby #3 is likely to be a girl. We’ll be welcoming Calista Mae around the end of March/beginning of April. Brioni will be 19 months, and Aïcha will have just turned 3 years old. I’m excited! With two well-behaved girls already, I expect this one to turn out just as well (though in the back of my mind I know that I’m really churning out a “mini-me” — the third daughter in a row — and that’s a scary thought!).

Keep in touch, and I’ll try to back-date some blog entries when I’m back home to fill you in with pictures of the girls.