Brioni has started rolling over in her cot. As she prefers to sleep on her stomach, after she rolls onto her back, she flails around like an over-turned turtle, wailing for help. Hmmm. She’ll have to learn soon to either sleep on her back or roll back onto her tummy. I can’t see myself getting up in the middle of the night to roll her back over!

Lauren & Brioni, 1 December 06
Here we are at the gingerbread-house-making night! Brioni charmed all the ladies. (I was tired.)

Tonight I helped make a gingerbread house. Our church sponsored the event, providing the gingerbread, icing & lollies for decoration. I invited Marg, a work colleague, as I know she enjoys most crafty projects. Our house was not very structurally sound, but hey, it’s edible!

But after seeing other people’s finished houses, I’ve already started plotting how next year I can make the most original gingerbread house ever!

Making gingerbread houses
The variety of decoration on the gingerbread houses was astounding.

This will be one of the very few traditional Christmassy things I’ll attend. We don’t celebrate Christmas: don’t have presents, don’t decorate, etc.

Aïcha enjoys looking at decorations and was enthralled by an electronic singing polar bear (?) at the shops today . . . I wonder if we’ll be able to maintain our staunch anti-Christmas stance as our kids grow up . . .

And today I’d like to add: happy birthday, Dad!