I’ve always wanted to photograph a shooting star, and the best chance I have to do just that is during the annual Perseids meteor shower — when Earth passes through the remains of a comet tail. Our position in Australia is almost too far south to see many of the falling meteors, but last night we drove away from Brisbane to see if we could catch a glimpse of the cosmic fireworks.

Stars in August 2012
Away from the Brisbane city lights, a multitude of stars sparkle down upon us.

We parked on the edge of a man-made lake and lay out a large sleeping bag as a ground mat. With pillows under our heads and blankets to keep us warm, we watched the stars above us.

Yes, we saw shooting stars, but no, I was unable to capture one with the camera. Although my mission was unsuccessful, we’ve made a beautiful memory with Johnny and will remember his visit in years to come when we position ourselves to watch the Perseids again.