Sprouting seeds for fresh, living salads is easy, and making them transportable is not much more difficult. I’ve been hooked on sprouts since a friend showed me how easy it is when we were visiting New Zealand earlier this year.

As I fit out The Gifted Gypsy, one of the first modifications I’ve made is the addition of a magnetic knife rack — not to hold knives, but to hold my sprouts. I’ve got a series of sprout containers hanging in the bus, with the sprouts in them all a slightly different age, as I’ve found it necessary to keep soaking new mung beans daily so I have fresh ones to eat.

Six-pack of sprouts in magnetic canisters, August 2012
Magnetic canisters with holey lids are an easy way to keep sprouts in various stages off the counter and still breathing.

This was an easy project for me to tackle — much easier than the installation of solar panels on the roof of the bus! Here’s how I made my six-pack of spouts.

Magnetic canisters from Ikea, August 2012
I bought two of these 3-packs of magnetic canisters from Ikea.

Drilling a hole in the top of a magnetic canister, August 2012
I draw out an image on the clear perspex lid and drill holes, tracing out the design. With the pressure of the drill, the perspex often pops out of its metal holder, and I simply brace it on something else as I continue drilling my holes.

It’s important to have holes near the periphery of the lid so that water can drain easily from the canisters. After soaking them overnight, you don’t want to have your sprouts sitting in water, but moist and well-drained.

Six-pack of sprouts in magnetic canisters, August 2012
After the first initial soak, the sprouts are rinsed in clean water and left to hang on a magnetic knife rack.

Six-pack of sprouts in magnetic canisters, August 2012
The sprouts drain nicely in the canisters.

The sprouts need to be rinsed twice a day to stay fresh, and in truth, six days of growing mung beans is probably two days’ too many for me. I like mine about four days old. Other seeds may suit a longer time-frame, and that’s something I’ll experiment in the future!

I’d love to hear from readers who are into sprouting or who try this project out. Let me know in the comments below.