Just recently, we received a large, mysterious parcel from an unknown address. Opening it, we discovered a treasure-box of delights — hand-crafted natural dolls, clothes, blankets and accessories. Our girls have loved playing with these dolls, and together we are so thankful to the kind women who gave them to us!

Calista with her Waldorf doll, July 2012
Soon after opening the parcel, the dolls disperse into the arms of their new mothers.

A special doll can be very important in a young girl’s psyche. I don’t remember the day I caught a plane at the age of six to attend boarding school in another country, but I do remember the day I lost my special dolly (and her bag of clothes) on a Sunday walk in the Nigerian countryside. That loss haunted me for years, even though I comforted myself with the possibility that my dolly had been adopted by a nice Nigerian girl and was being looked after.

A card accompanied the gifts, explaining that the presents came from women in a Waldorf doll group in Australia. The dolls are from Bamboletta (and donated by Jan Sparks), Little Jenny Wren, Petite Besties, Sami’s Dolls and Jem of Mine. The loving care with which these dolls were made, coupled with the kindness and generosity of their givers (and those who gave the accessories, too) make these presents even more wonderful.

Aisha and a Waldorf doll, July 2012
A mama doll is included with the girls' four dolls, and Aisha keeps her in a mothering role in her game.

Playing with Waldorf dolls, July 2012
Mama (with crazy red hair) kisses her daughter goodnight.

Brioni and her Waldorf doll, July 2012
From the moment Brioni saw this doll in its bubblegum-pink outfit, she was in love!

Playing with Waldorf dolls, July 2012
The dolls' clothes and accessories are "washed" and "dried" with help from our new bus.

Playing with Waldorf dolls, July 2012
It's bathtime at the Waldorf household. (I notice that Aisha's doll is the one sharing the bath with mama — a special treat.)

Playing with Waldorf dolls, July 2012
Time for bed, and because we are given a variety of beautifully felted doll blankets, everyone appears to have their own bed — unlike in our own household.

Waldorf doll on a bike, July 2012
Calista's doll sits on her bike, waiting patiently for a ride.

Calista riding her bike with a doll, July 2012
Cali rides around the trailer in the shed — again and again — she calls it her exercise.

We’ve taken these dolls with us while travelling further afield, visiting the South Bank markets, and even to the shops. It’s a pleasure to keep company with such good toys, and our girls are blessed to have these new friends to brighten their days!