When I am open to feeling the divine touch, I can recognise the wonderful timing of events in my life. Today I had business which took me down to the Gold Coast, and this morning some friends from Sydney rang and invited me to meet with them at their Gold Coast hinterland resort in the afternoon. Perfect!

Fay and Bob East, July 2012
It's been lovely to catch up with Fay and Bob today. As long-time contemporaries of my parents, they're such an encouragement to me.

Fay told me her story of losing their only son in utero and how it took her years before she visited the grave-site and created a memorial for her baby boy. Although I’ve known the Easts all my life, I never knew that they had lost a child, and this shared story has reinforced my love for them.

Delaney on the playground, July 2012
While Fay and I chat, Dell enjoys exploring a new playground.

Bob is an excellent grandfather to his own daughters’ children, and he very quickly established a rapport with Brioni. They soon set off to explore the resort, and Fay and I followed with Delaney. (Aisha and Calista had opted to stay at home with Pa.)

Feeding the turtles, July 2012
When Brioni tosses the special turtle food to the water below the bridge, the geese and the turtles fight over each morsel.

Feeding the turtles, July 2012
After watching her sister, Dell decides she wants a turn at feeding the animals too.

Feeding the turtles, July 2012
We count up to thirteen turtles at one time — certainly enough to make an impression!

Bob and Brioni on a paddle boat, July 2012
Brioni coaxes Bob to take her out on the lake in a paddle boat.

At Cedar Lake Resort, July 2012
The lake is in the centre of the resort, with units mounted on the hillside around it so they can enjoy the tranquil view.

At Cedar Lake Resort, July 2012
At Cedar Lake Resort, the accommodation units are low-set bunker style in long, curving rows that blend into the hillside. (Photo: R. East)

Thank you so much, Bob and Fay, for drawing me back into your lives at this time. I am blessed to know you and to spend this time with you.