I’ve been very busy lately with administrative tasks that take me away from the girls for most of the day. So they only get to see me at night, and together we stay up past midnight — just to be together.

I’m thankful for the distractions that keep them entertained, and the people who are lovingly contributing to our lives at this time. Friends have come from far away to show their support. My dad and his sister Gwenda drove up from Sydney this week, and I’m so glad to have them here with us.

Pa shows his hearing aid to the girls, July 2012
Pa takes out his minuscule hearing-aid so the girls can examine the device.

Tonight, in a bizarre twist of reality, Gwenda broke her foot when she stood up while her foot was still asleep. I took her to the emergency room at a local hospital and learned a lot from the way she charmed the staff. “You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar,” she says, and from seeing her in action, I know it’s true.

Gwenda at the hospital, July 2012
While waiting patiently for her plaster cast, Gwenda pleads with the doctor to maker hers pink.

The girls relate really well to both Gwenda and my dad — “Pa”. Gwenda is shameless in doling out treats, and so they have given her the moniker “The Yummy Lady”.

At a time like this, I am so thankful to see our girls happy in the presence of caring adults, especially as I am so often absent. These distractions are wonderful for the girls and wonderful for me, and they’ll be the basis of good relationships that will last a life-time.