After observing several modifications in the girls’ behaviour after Elijah’s death, I have made some enquiries about family therapy sessions in the Brisbane area. It took some ringing around, but finally I was introduced to Paradise Kids, where our young children would be taken seriously as they each try to make sense of the radical changes in their lives.

Yesterday was our first session at Paradise Kids, and I had no idea what to expect. We went upstairs to a room equipped with a great variety of toys, and our girls played and played.

Rainbow on the gate at Paradise Kids, July 2012
The rainbow on the gate welcomes us in.

The therapy session was very low-key. Two facilitators sat in with us and started building a relationship with the girls. A bit of drawing was encouraged, and the girls drew pictures of David and Elijah.

Picture of David and Elijah, July 2012
Here's Brioni's cheerful picture of David and Elijah.

I don’t know how long we’ll continue these sessions. I have no plans for the future — either in continuing the sessions or in ceasing them. I feel like I need some assistance in analysing and responding to the girls’ different needs, and I hope that the therapist at Paradise Kids will help me to do so.