Now Dell is the baby of the family, and yet she’s not a baby at all. She’s a strong little girl. Although she’s only two-and-a-half, Dell acts like she’s as old as her sisters and wants the same privileges and responsibilities as them.

Delaney is not so much stubborn as determined, and although it is possible to change her mind, in order to do so, one has to make her understand why it is in her benefit to change the way she is thinking. She reasons with the mind of an older child, and is learning to speak her mind with clear words.

Delaney asleep under the trampoline, July 2012
While waiting for me to return this afternoon, Delaney falls asleep under the trampoline, clutching yoghurt that she wanted me to open. She rejected the advances of both my mother and my father and was content to stay here on her own until I gently woke her.

Dell stretches me as I learn to respond to her demands in love and serve her with gladness. She responds with great affection and tenderness and loves me wholly.

Delaney with a flower, July 2012
I look forward to seeing how Delaney will continue to grow into a strong woman.