Today was a fun day since Lauren turned up! We’ve been online friends for only a few months, and it was great to finally meet her and her two lovely daughters.

Lauren Manners and Lauren Fisher, June 2012
Two Laurens in one room — but there's space for more!

Lily, June 2012
Once Lily gets over her initial shyness, she's happy to climb onto the top shelf and play with our little people.

Kids on the swings during Lauren's visit, June 2012
When Bella wanted to play outside on the swing, we all came out to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Bela in the swing with Lauren, June 2012
Bela *loves* swinging and would be happy to stay in one all day. Seriously. I've never seen a child so keen to swing before.

David on the trampoline with the girls, June 2012
The girls beg David to bounce them around the trampoline. Although this is a new game to Lily, she was happy to join in!

Brisbane-based, Lauren is a passsionate birthing advocate and offers her services as a doula to women across southeast Queensland. After sharing our birth services, Lauren remarked how a woman’s first birth experience is so very important. If it goes well, it encourages us for the future. If it’s disappointing, this can either galvanise us into action or make us retreat in fear.

In my case, I retreated in fear after the first birth, and didn’t regain confidence in the natural birthing process until after I birthed our fourth child. Now, having seen that, yes, my body does know what it’s doing, I’m feeling confident and positive about any future birthing processes!