It started with just one child, and now just about everyone in our family has experienced a mild two-day illness — aches, weakness and fever. We’re thankful that we’re not on the road at the moment, as the shed gives us room to recuperate in peace.

And when we’re not sick, we’re playing around, enjoying being in the company of each other, and the children are gaining greater independence — especially in choosing and preparing their own food. Aisha loves to make cups of tea for herself — and for me, and she’s only seven! I’m consistently astounded by how mature and capable our children are if they are given the freedom to demonstrate skills when they’re naturally ready.

Jumping on the trampoline, June 2012
The girls love to have a grown-up jump on the trampoline with them.

Delaney feeding Elijah, June 2012
Elijah just smiles nicely at his sisters, and they're happy to share their food with him.

Now that he is given plenty of room to move, Elijah is crawling all over the shed floor, covering metres before we even notice he’s moved. He’s selective in the things he puts in his mouth, prefers dead leaves over toys, and will move away from his play-things in search of scraps of food that may have been dropped by his sisters.

David reading a book aloud to the girls, June 2012
Everyone stops what they're doing and comes around to listen when David starts reading aloud to Aisha.

We’re also enjoying catching up with Karina and Nirvana in the day and hearing what’s been happening over the past couple of months. It’s lovely to have a friend so close — she came down one day to check on us because she noticed no one had emerged from the shed.

Karina and Nirvana, June 2012
Nirvana gets so bored with our conversation that she falls asleep on Karina's hip.

We’ve only been home a week now, but already are starting to feel ready to move on. Without trying to get too attached to a destination, David and I are keen to escape the winter coolness, so possibly we’ll be heading north. We’ll see…