It’s good to be home. Because although we live in our travellng rigs, for a couple of weeks a year we’re back at the property we’ve owned since late 2000.

Brioni with a fruit salad, June 2012
After collecting a large number of passionfruit from our garden, Brioni mixed them with other fresh fruit in a tasty fruit salad.

In our base camp our children can ride bikes, make their own meals, dig out new clothes from those in storage, play with all the toys they’ve forgotten we own and collapse when they’re tired. This shed gives us room to breathe as we’re not in someone else’s space, tidying up someone else’s house and abiding by another family’s rules.

So we’ve gone a bit mad — it’s radical unschooling in action. We’re not preparing meals, we’re eating what’s on hand. We don’t have bed-times, we sleep when we’re tired. We’re not sleeping in beds, we’re sleeping wherever we’re comfortable.

We’re chilling, dancing to our music and not yet planning where we’ll go when we drive away. We’re living in the present and joining our children in their games.

I appreciate the opportunity to plug in and catch up online. David is working on some improvements to our Freedom Truck. And I have to file our tax returns. The children play around us as we do our stuff, and we do minimal chores to keep things functioning.

Life’s good, and we’re open for visitors. Stop by if you can!