We’ve loved having space to run and roam. The girls have explored the paddocks as pirates seeking treasure, David and I have taken long walks together, and Brian has given us rides around on the quad bike.

Lauren on the hills, June 2012
It's lovely to sit high on the hills and listen to ... nothing.

Aisha running in the paddock, June 2012
Watching our children run, I feel at peace.

Delaney and Calista running, June 2012
When the weather permits it, our girls like to be outdoors with bare feet.

Girls running in the paddock, June 2012
As adults, when do we lose our impetus to run just for the fun of it?

Brioni as a superhero, June 2012
Our girls have taken to wearing capes and like to be superheros.

Rainbow over Northland, June 2012
On our last morning at the farm, we are rewarded with a vibrant rainbow stretching across the horizon.

Our horse truck on the road, June 2012
For the first time in weeks, we're back on the road in our horse truck!

Now our truck is fixed and on the road again, we’re heading to visit friends back at Fern Flat and of course will stop at our favourite dairy.