At work, sometimes when I miss my girls (and David), I come onto the blog to see their lovely faces.

Here are some recent shots to fill you in on what’s been happening.

David with broken ankle, October 07
David fell, breaking his ankle and hampering his lifestyle. He'll be taking it easy for the next couple of months (I hope) so it heals properly. A friend has lent us the wheelchair.

Brioni, 13 months old, October 07
Brioni has just discovered the "instant cool" of sunglasses, especially while driving her coupé!

Brioni & Aïcha, October 07
Aïcha doesn't want to miss out on the papparazzo. Here's her trademark grin for the camera, and notice the trendy tattoo on her arm.

Namma with Aïcha, October 07
Rosie and Hugh came up this month to help David around the house. Rosie is very busy with her theology degree and chaplaincy work. You can see she's in the uniform for her role as a NSW Ambulance chaplain.

Brioni, 13 months old, October 07
What a beautiful girl! Brioni loves walking.

Woodoo with Aïcha & Brioni, October 07
Woodoo took David and the girls for a day out at the Wellington Point beach.

David on crutches, October 07
The crutches don't seem to be slowing him down much.

Aïcha, 2 1/2 years old, October 07
Now which toes am I aiming to put the thong between?

Kite surfer, Wellington Point, October 07
David would love to try kite surfing!