While playing in the creek, I was startled by a largish yabby advancing towards me. Once I got over my fright, I retrieved it from the water and took it up to the house to show the girls.

Yabby, June 2012
"Yabby" is the Australian and Kiwi slang for a freshwater crayfish. Common in many waterways, this is the largest one that I've every caught.

Delaney examining the yabby, June 2012
We put the yabby on display for a couple days. Although many people catch them for dinner, we'll be returning this one to the stream.

Brioni has given the yabby the name “Yabs-Still-Scary”, although she has to keep asking me to remind her what it’s called. So we call it Yabs for short. I’m sorry that I don’t have internet access here to find out more about this crayfish so I can tell the girls whether this is a male or female.