We’ve been enjoying hot baths in the bush. One of the wonders of hippydom is that clever people work out ways to replicate the comforts of modern society with the use of recycled materials and renewable fuel sources.

This is the fire bath — almost a ubiquitous accessory on off-the-grid properties in the Far North. Now that we’ve tried it out, we’re hooked!

Fire bath at Johnny's house, May 2012
A large, metal bathtub is mounted on cement blocks with room for a fire to be lit underneath it.

Fire bath at Johnny's house, May 2012
On a cool evening, it's wonderful to sit and soak in the hot bath and look at the stars.

There’s a fine art to tending the fire that heats the water. If the fire goes out, the water gets cold; if the fire goes too high, the bath occupant can get scalded! David is a natural firemaster and we can’t complain about the way he builds the fire under the bath — it is always just right!