Yesterday’s Bush Fairy Dairy’s 10-year party was a superb hit, with about a hundred people turning up to share food, laughs and dance moves. While I’ve only got a few crowd photos here, the BFD’s Facebook page features more photos of the party-goers.

Bush Fairy Dairy at night, May 2012
As the sky darkens, the lights around the Bush Fairy Dairy come on, and the party atmosphere grows as locals arrive.

Bush Fairy Dairy party, May 2012
People mill around, talking in small groups.

Food at the Bush Fairy Dairy party, May 2012
Platters of food are laid out for everyone to help themselves.

Nigel and Nathan play music, May 2012
The live entertainment is provided by a dynamic duo of Nigel and Nathan. There are so many extraordinary musicians in the Far North, but these two are some of the best of the best.

Children jumping at night, May 2012
The children love watching the fairy lights move as they jump. I gave out glow sticks to all the small people earlier, and it's a brilliant way of keeping track of the children in the dark.

Bush Fairy Dairy party, May 2012
The party's atmosphere is intimate and casual — some people dance, others watch, and more spend time in small groups catching up with friends.

It was great to have an excuse to dress up and party! It seems that we love dressing up as much as our daughters do, and Johnny assures me that our family won the non-existent prize for the best-dressed-family.

The evening ended in a really fun way. Pedro showed an episode of the B-grade British sci-fi comedy Hyperdrive to the remaining party-goers with the help of his projector. After receiving such a good response, he’s thinking about hosting regular video showings to share his rare taste in odd comedic films!