How about turning a hole in the knee into a monster mouth? I decided to patch David’s jeans this way after spying this great idea on a social networking site. Here’s my version of the monster-mouth knee-patch.

David modelling the mouth patch, May 2012
From a distance, the patch doesn't necessarily stand out.
Monster mouth patch, May 2012
When the jeans move, the mouth opens and closes slightly.
Monster mouth patch, May 2012
This is such a fun way to patch a hole in the knee. I'm so proud to see David walking around wearing my handiwork, and it makes me giggle every time!

In sewing the patch, I chose heavy-duty red corduroy for the main patch. The teeth and eyes are sewn with white wool felt — this doesn’t fray and is easy to cut into the right shapes. The blacks of the eyes are black vinyl that I found laying around, though I would have ideally chosen wool felt as well.

The monster-mouth knee-patch was completed in one evening with only hand-sewing necessary. It’s an easy project for the not-particularly-crafty (like me!) and is highly recommended for the positive feedback it attracts!

If you do this, I’d love to hear about it, and feel free to share your links below too.