We’re back at Johnny’s place again. However, he’s moved out of his house and is living temporarily in his shed as he prepares to travel overseas. Our girls adjust to the new boundaries happily and don’t go into the house any more.

When we join Johnny in the shed and I take our cooker, I remark to David that it’s wonderful to be back within a community again — we share cooking, cleaning, chores and child-minding. And we also enjoy great entertainment — I am so impressed by the talent and skill of the people we meet during our travels!

Johnny and Brioni in the shed, May 2012
Although the main space has changed, our girls continue to play with Johnny as he sorts out his belongings in preparation for a voyage overseas.

Others are also visiting Johnny at this time, and in getting to know them our lives are enriched as we hear their stories of travel and adventures. Walter is Danish-born and visiting from Prana Eco Retreat. An American who goes by the name of Randje entertains us with his witty repartee and original compositions.

Johnny and Elijah, May 2012
Elijah relaxes in the arms of Johnny.
Evenings in Johnny's shed, May 2012
In the evenings, we sit around and play music (drums and/or guitar) while our girls play around us.
Randje on guitar with Walter playing drum, May 2012
We enjoy world-class entertainment by Walter on djembe and Randje on guitar and vocals.
Calista on the computer and Lauren on the sewing machine, May 2012
Calista plays on the computer while I get some sewing done.
Green and Golden Bell Frog, May 2012
When we venture out into the gardens, we're rewarded by the opportunity to closely examine this green and golden bell frog. A native of Australia, it was introduced to New Zealand in the 1860s where in most places it is the only frog that has survived predators and industrialisation.
Johnny and Walter, May 2012
Walter is a good friend to Johnny and has been helping out heaps around the garden and in the shed.

Johnny will be moving on very soon, and that means we will too. It’s precious to be able to spend these last days with him before he heads off, and I’m thankful that we can see him one last time.