On rainy days in Kaitaia, we often find ourselves returning to the library at the Te Ahu Centre to entertain the girls and stave off cabin fever. Here’s what a day at the library looks like — mostly through the eyes of our girls as they wander around with the camera.

Calista reads to Elijah, May 2012
Calista loves to open books and read them to her younger siblings. Elijah barely has time to process the pictures before she turns the page, however.
Lauren and kids in the library, May 2012
While plugged in, I usually try to get some things done on the computer if our children let me.
Calista Mae, 4yo, May 2012
Calista likes to play in the different sections of the library.
Delaney in the library, May 2012
Occasionally, Dell naps in the cushioned hollow of the kauri tree installation in the centre of the children's section.
Books in the libarary, May 2012
Our girls amass an impressive pile of books for us to read to them.

It’s wonderful to have a warm, inviting place when the weather turns nasty. I’ve been impressed by the calibre of the books on hand and am always delighted by one or two particular books that stand out from the many average children’s books that are published!