Early in the morning, Aisha woke me up to give me her front tooth. After wiggling it for days, it finally fell out while she was sleeping. This is Aisha’s first tooth that has fallen out without being a shark tooth.

Aisha, 7 years old, May 2012
Aisha uses her tongue to test out the new hole in her mouth. There's something delightful and fun about the space where a tooth used to be.

Aisha, 7 years old, May 2012
It's going to take a while to get used to Aisha's gappy smile. She has now lost three teeth.

It’s been startling to see Aisha’s gappy smile during the day. All of a sudden, she’s looking quite grown-up, and sometimes I don’t recognise her as the little girl who has journeyed with us thus far.

Losing teeth marks the first physical transition point from childhood to adulthood, and as Aisha approaches us with remarkable questions, observations and personal insights, we can see that she is growing into a really special, sensitive woman.

One of Aisha’s greatest strength is her quickness to forgive. While she sleeps on the floor of the truck, she often gets stepped on by her sisters (or parents!). However, after responding with a squeal or groan, she’ll say “that’s okay” to the offered apology, even once kissing my foot that had just stepped on her hair! I love to see this beautiful quality in her, for it shows me how to let things go easily without holding grudges!