During our last stay in town, David and the girls were captivated by a pair of scooters and we’ve brought them on board as part of our cargo. This satisfies our children’s desires — they’ve been missing their bikes which travel with us while we’re on the road in Australia.

While staying at Rangiputa, David and I discovered a beautiful stretch of concrete footpath with a gentle incline. Thinking that it would be perfect for the girls’ scooters, we drove up the hill this morning and let them loose.

Aisha on the scooter, May 2012
As she spends more time on the scooter, Aisha's balance and technique improves.

Calista on the scooter, May 2012
Cali doesn't really know how to ride the scooter, but that doesn't stop her from having a turn!

Scootering, May 2012
Learning how to balance on the scooter is a good skill that will translate to bike-riding when the girls are reunited with their bicycles.

Brioni on the scooter, May 2012
We park at a quiet residential development with a nice, long concreted pathway for the girls to scooter on.

Delaney running, May 2012
Delaney is happy to run alongside her sisters.

It’s fun to try out the scooters along with the girls. Although we haven’t yet worked out how to fit the scooters into our tiny living space, I’m glad to have them on board to encourage our children in their outside play!