Here’s a lovely set of photos, taken this afternoon through the screen door (I was trying to be sneaky). See the best friends?

Aïcha and Misty, with Aya
Leaning against Misty, cuddling Aya, receiving a lick.

Actually, the best friends aren’t Aïcha and Misty the dog, they’re Aïcha and “Aya” (pronounced eye-ya) the knitted blanket.

My LB rug was knitted for me as a baby, by one of Mum’s cousins. It’s called the LB rug because it has those initials in one corner.

Aïcha has adopted the rug as her own, and though we called it “Ruggie”, she started calling it “Aya”. She looks for the initialled corner every time she needs a bit of comfort, and she brings it up to her nose and sucks her thumb. She needs Aya to sleep, so we have a couple substitutes for when we’re not at home.

I have a strict rule that Aya stays in Aïcha’s bedroom, else it would end up being dragged all over the place. As you can see, Aïcha still sneaks Aya out when my back is turned.