Earlier this week, David took himself off for a sanity break and spent two nights in a local motel by himself. Feeling rejuvenated, he was inspired to invite us all to spend a couple nights in a motel — particularly so he could play with his girls in a spa pool!

Motel door, May 2012
We're currently holed up in a local motel, jumping on the beds and enjoying constant hot showers.

Delaney in the tub, May 2012
It's lovely to have an unlimited supply of hot water for our girls to play in.

This has been a great place to shampoo the girls’ hair as I continue to battle our lice infestation. It’s a challenge to get everyone’s hair washed at the same time, but the privacy of having our own room and bathroom makes it a lot easier.

David and our kids in the spa pool, May 2012
David and the kids love playing together in the spa pool.

We don’t usually pay for accommodation, and so although the motel is not cheap, it’s the first time we’ve paid to stay somewhere in months! So I figure that the cost averages out to something quite affordable and meanwhile, I’m enjoying the electricity and soft beds!