Elijah is getting ready to follow his sisters around. He’ll be five months old in a couple of days’ time, and it won’t be long before he’s crawling!

Elijah Rainbow, 4 months old, April 2012
Almost five months old, Elijah is starting to rock on his hands and knees.

We have to be very careful where we place Elijah down. He already moves around in about a one-metre radius and sometimes surprises me with the places he wedges himself. He’s fallen off the bottom bed in the truck a couple of times which is a great wake-up call to never place him on the top bed!

He’s starting to nap less and less and instead wants to be where the action is. He likes to sit in our laps and watch his sisters play. They still adore him and often smother him with their cuddles and kisses.

Elijah’s favourite place is in the sling — either against my breast or on my back. He’d be content to ride in it all day, but I often seek to put him down so I get a break (and my body back to myself!).

Today we took some music over to the Bush Fairy Dairy and David and Johnny made strawberry smoothies. Elijah likes to move to the music with us, and we had fun dancing together.

David making a smoothie, April 2012
Using local fruit in season, we end up with a fantastic morning drink.

Lauren, David and Elijah, April 2012
This morning we danced with Elijah on the outside deck of the Bush Fairy Dairy.

Claire, David and our family, April 2012
This is Claire's last week in New Zealand, so we're embracing every last minute of our time together.

Even though Elijah is our fifth child, I still like to acknowledge his milestones. His crawling cues are as exciting to me as his sisters’ were, and although I’m not sure I’ll appreciate having a baby crawling in the mud and dirt while we’re travelling, I’m still happy that he’s growing up so well.