I don’t think that I’m an expert yet in demonstrating the way of love. But I do know that for me the stakes are higher than ever before, and I am finding the energy to love David from resources I didn’t know existed.

Stones without a heart

Heart in stones,

I truly believe that I can grow into a true and pure manifestation of divine Love — with no selfish motives, no hidden agendas. All my life, I’ve read about Jesus who showed this kind of love to the people around him.

And Jesus clearly said that we would do greater works than him. So if Jesus demonstrated perfect love, I can too.

Our recent life circumstances have put me on a fast-track, crash-course in manifesting divine Love. I don’t have the luxury any more of being anything but lovely.

Whenever I am tempted to manipulate David through facial expressions, words, gestures, and actions, I remember what Love is. Love does not seek its own way. And as I become more familiar with the way of Love, it comes easier to me.

My honest confession about our personal situation has led to an outpouring of love and support for us. And this is Love — true love. As such, it’s transferable. I bask in the love I receive, and it empowers me to love those around me — especially David.

That’s the wonderful thing about Love. When love is given sincerely, it multiplies, bounces around and spreads. Love changes things — not by offering judgements and analysis, but by simply giving of itself.

Being on the receiving end of judgements, analysis and Love has also taught me a valuable lesson about communicating Love purely. The next time I feel tempted to give love-with-a-lecture, I may just stoop down and draw in the dirt for a while. Doodling in the sand is invaluable if it means that I can offer love to a person without preaching to them.

In the meantime, thank you for your love. I accept it all and am using it to change the world around me. I offer it to my husband, my family, the friends around me and the strangers on the street with whom I have eye contact.

Will my love succeed? Without ultimatums, threats, cajolings or pleas? Yes, absolutely. Time will prove it to be so.

In this time, I am learning the way of love in a real and tangible way. So I am grateful for these lessons, however painful they are.