In the interests of providing a clear record of our struggles and triumphs, sometimes I update the blog after an article has been posted. Today, I have done this to my recent post about learning to love David unselfishly.

After talking with David, there are two new paragraphs on How great is my love?:

Over the years we have experienced seasons of sexual drought, and this has been really difficult for David. I have not often been an eager lover, and although David clearly expressed his needs and desires, my own desire for him in the past hasnít been great enough for me to give to him what he needs. So, yes, heís starved for sex ó for approximately fifteen years.

I havenít been generous, I havenít been enough. Iíve been generous to others, and Iíve been generous to myself. But I havenít been generous to David.

And David has left a comment after Feeling blue?:

When I observe Lauren pour out her love and affection on our children, and on others I am attracted to her, and she appears to be a wonderful Angel. Laurenís consistent denial of me and the resulting loveless, frigid marriage that we have both endured for so long has been the catalyst for me to change myself in an attempt to become lovely enough in order to win Laurenís affections. Becoming someone to whom Lauren is attracted enough for her to actually express love for me in some kind of tangible (non-theoretic) way is my goal.

Lauren is wonderful ó so many people agree with me on this. It is not enough for me to watch Lauren love others, I want to experience the real deal.