After stocking up on vegetarian cheese, we invited ourselves around to Clinton’s — he of the Pineapple House — for a pizza-party and to see his progress on Eden. Eden is Clinton’s concept of a huge greenhouse and butterfly sanctuary attached to his unusually-shaped home.

Greenhouse shack from the outside, April 2012
The construction attached to the side of the Pineapple House is a huge greenhouse for a sanctuary that Clinton likes to call "Eden".

Inside Eden, April 2012
In one short year, the plantings inside Eden have shot up. It's already starting to look like a jungle.

Tomatoes growing, April 2012
In the bottom corner, vegetables are still producing nicely — even though the main growing season is over in this part of New Zealand.

Playing in Eden, April 2012
Our girls like to use the pallet-boardwalk to go from the top level plantings to the bottom.

Fish pond in Eden, April 2012
A small pond of koi adds colour to the tropical garden.

It’s great to see how everything has grown up since our visit last year. Clinton has established so many more plants and the little eco-system is growing nicely.

It was also nice to catch up with our other friends at Clinton’s house. Clinton’s parties are legendary in the local area, and no one wants to miss out!

Mandy, Mark and Nano in Clinton's house, April 2012
Other neighbours are also visiting Clinton when we arrive. Our good friend Mandy is catching up with Americans Mark and Nano.

Playing at Clinton's, April 2012
Our girls are happy to have their friends Shasa and Tierra (plus a new friend — Sophia) to play with. They run in and out of the house together.

The Pineapple House, April 2012
The Pineapple House is still missing its top leaves as Clinton has been concentrating on other projects on his land.

Cooking at Clinton's, April 2012
Mandy, Claire, Pedro, Johnny and Clinton start working together in the kitchen to prepare pizzas.

Pizza oven at Clinton's, April 2012
Clinton has already got the pizza oven heating up. He builds and installs wood-fired pizza ovens for his business, and his model warms his house, heats water, smokes fish and cooks food all-in-one!

Girls at play, April 2012
Upon hearing that we were going to a party, Brioni invested in a small bag of lollies from the Bush Fairy Dairy and shares them out among her sisters and friends.

David holding Elijah and talking to Mark, April 2012
Holding Elijah, David talks to Clinton's neighbour Mark. I met Mark briefly last year, but this is David's first conversation with him. It's great to continue to get to know more local people.

Making pizzas at Clinton's, April 2012
Clinton and Pedro check on the pizzas in the oven. We all made pizzas according to our tastes, so there was something for everyone.

Pineapple pizza, April 2012
It's fitting that we have pineapple pizza in the Pineapple House!

Pedro brought his projector and showed music videos on a make-shift screen. His new toy is a great addition to any party, and he’s already making plans to bring it to community events.

Our girls drawing with chalk, April 2012
At the end of the evening, I discover Clinton leading our girls in making chalk drawings on the tile floor of his kitchen. Everyone is drawing pineapples.

When we left, Clinton said we could invite ourselves to his place again. I made certain that he repeated the invitation so everyone could hear it — we’ll be taking him up on that, for sure!