We’re painting at Johnny’s again — but in grown-up style. The last time we were painting Johnny’s house, it was in big, bold stripes on the front face of the building. Now we’re helping to revamp some interior walls with a beautiful pumpkin colour.

Claire pastes up the walls, April 2012
The prep work is the most laborious part of the job — and also the most important.

David sands the wall of Johnny's house, April 2012
David reaches up high to sand the extra putty off the walls.

Claire painting the kitchen, April 2012
Claire paints carefully around the spiral. The black spiral is painted in chalkboard paint in the kitchen and serves as a reminder board for whoever lives in the house.

David painting the windowsill, April 2012
David starts using an oil-based paint on the windowsills. Although it's harder to clean up the brushes, oil-based paint is more forgiving and durable, and that's why it's better on architraves (trims).

Johnny is planning to pursue his own sparkling adventures overseas for at least six months, and he’s sprucing up the house for friends who will live here in the interim. We’re glad to be here to help where we can, and the place looks so great as a result!