When we travelled around Northland last year, we really missed the opportunity to light campfires. So it’s been neat to have a fire here at our current location.

Our camp at Johnny's, April 2012
We set up a picnic area just behind our truck, and David collects wood for the fire.

Lauren and Elijah, April 2012
Elijah comes out to enjoy the fire. He's wearing a hat that was crocheted for him by a friend at the Rainbow Gathering last November.

Calista feeds Delaney, April 2012
While David gets the fire going, Calista offers Delaney a taste of her food.

Around the campfire, April 2012
When it gets dark and chilly, David builds the fire higher and we sit close to its warmth.

Around the campfire, April 2012
We all enjoy being at the campfire so much that we're reluctant to break up the party and head indoors.

Our lifestyle wouldn’t be possible without the generous hospitality of our friends. We were strangers when Johnny first invited us to park on his land. And now we are best friends — sharing dreams, ideas, love and hope for the future. Thanks, Johnny, for creating this special space and for embracing our family so wholly!