How natural and earthy would it be to eat with a utensil that you’ve made with your own hands?

Homemade wooden spoons, April 2012
Johnny and Claire have carved a fine collection of wooden spoons.

As we have spent time with Claire and gotten to know her better, she has challenged us to think differently in so many ways. She advocates the use of natural materials in food preparation, and she and Johnny have been carving out their own spoons from blocks of wood!

When they have some free time, they bring out a little tool kit and get to work. First, they whittle a block of wood into the right sort of shape, carve out the bowl with the help of a live coal and then sand it smooth. Johnny and Claire have used a number of different woods — acacia, gum, kauri and almond. I’m tempted to start looking for a piece of local timber like kauri to use for my own spoon.

Making a wooden spoon, April 2012
A hot coal is placed in the middle of the spoon's bowl to burn out a concave shape.

Making a wooden spoon, April 2012
Claire says it's important to burn on the coal to keep it alight after it's removed from the fire.

Making a wooden spoon, April 2012
Johnny is working on several spoons and brings them out to carve and burn whenever he gets the chance.

What about you? Do you think you’d like to make a spoon too?