It’s lovely to be able to fully enjoy a sunny day. We like to play outside in the grass — snacking on quick, fresh foods and appreciating each flower that the girls pick for us.

Today has been a special day for us as we all relaxed together. We’re still parked at Johnny’s house and have been using this visit to get to know a remarkable woman who is staying at Johnny’s house. American Claire Jordan is inspirational in so many ways, and we love to hear her stories about travel, interesting people she’s met and amazing adventures she’s been on.

Johnny in the grass, April 2012
The bright, warm weather has lured us all outside. We set up picnic rugs on a patch of grass and enjoy the sun.

Elijah sleeping in the sun, April 2012
We take advantage of the weather to let Elijah snooze in the sun too.

Brioni and Delaney with drums, April 2012
Johnny has brought out the drums, and the girls played with them for a while.

Claire Jordan, April 2012
Claire joins us outside and it's lovely to hear more of her stories.

Claire with the guitar, April 2012
Claire brings her guitar outside and sings some songs for us.

There are definitely times when this gypsy lifestyle feels like a perpetual holiday. Sure, we always have the children to tend to and chores to do to keep our space clean and tidy, but it’s such a luxury to sit outside on rugs all day and talk with friends. We’re grateful for this experience and that we have beautiful friends with whom we can share our sunny days!