Drawing, painting, playing in the garden. These are highly desirable activities for our older girls, and we’re enjoying a period of creativity under the watchful eye of Johnny.

Hedgehog, April 2012
When we park outside the Bush Fairy Dairy, it's already dark. Before we head to bed, David finds a hedgehog and brings it into the truck for us to examine.

Our girls are excited to be back visiting Johnny whom they discovered last year is “the most playful” of all the grown-ups they know. We’ve loved catching up with Johnny and Nathan and hearing about what has happened at La Hacienda in our absence.

Claire is currently sharing the house with Johnny. It’s interesting to see how a woman’s touch has changed the place, and we hear of how she has inspired Johnny to make some changes to his life.

When our girls enter the house in the morning, their expectations of Johnny aren’t disappointed. Johnny’s been lining up crafts for the girls to do and even brought out some of the pictures they did last year so they could see how their drawing styles have matured!

Brioni and Calista drawing, April 2012
In the morning, the girls discover the pencils and paper that Johnny has put out for them.

Johnny watches the girls draw, April 2012
As he watches the girls draw, Johnny notices how their skill levels and styles have changed since we were last here.

Delaney sweeping, April 2012
It's autumn, and the leaves are falling. Dell is happy to help sweep them off the front deck of Johnny's house.

David talking with Claire, April 2012
We enjoy hearing about Claire's past experiences with food. She's currently a raw vegan and makes amazing-tasting concoctions.

Painting outside, April 2012
When Johnny brings out the paints, we suggest that the girls may want to paint outside. They're happy to move onto the deck.

Late in the afternoon, the girls start playing independently — each learning so much as they pursue their interests. This is the beauty of unschooling.

Aisha making a sign, April 2012
Using generously-sized paper, Aisha designs a large sign to let customers know when her shop is open.

Calista on the computer, April 2012
Calista is completely confident on the computer — often clicking boldly beyond her comprehension.

Delaney with the phone, April 2012
Delaney has discovered the joys of technology and takes turns on the phone with her sisters.

Brioni in a garden cubby, April 2012
Brioni has discovered the perfect garden cubby. It has a little entrance-way between the big leaves and room enough for a number of children to sit inside ("but probably not a grown-up").

Brioni in a wheelchair, April 2012
Later, Brioni practices manoeuvring in a wheelchair.

It’s always special to be in Johnny’s company, and we’re enjoying getting to know Claire too. We’re thankful for their warm welcome and acceptance of our family!