Our adventures have been temporarily paused as we park outside a mechanical repairs shop and get some work done on the truck. I’ve been reading a lot to the girls while we play inside the truck all day, or we abandon David altogether and spend all day in Kaitaia town, meandering down main street, visiting the playgrounds and reading books in the library.

Our horse truck undergoing repairs, March 2012
David and Henry work in tandem on our truck — David at the back and Henry under the pedals in the front. David received a list of minor repairs that need to be done in order to pass the Certificate of Fitness and re-register the truck, and together he and Henry have been working through the short list.

One of the mechanics lives on a farm directly behind the shop, so he invited us to visit it for a break in the middle of the day. We took our lunch and made a picnic of the outing.

Brioni crossing a rickety bridge, March 2012
To get to the farm, we had to cross over a rickety suspension bridge. This appeared dodgy to just walk over, but cars drive over it several times a day — it's part of the main driveway to the farm!

David and the girls sharing a meal, March 2012
We sit under a tree and enjoy our hot meal. David is a whizz at making impromptu meals from ingredients on hand, and we eat from the same big bowl to save on washing up.

As well as enjoying the fabulous meal, the girls enjoyed finding a hen’s secret nest. While we were exploring the riverbank, we stumbled upon a nook with six eggs in it. Hopefully they’ll hatch undisturbed!