Jenny and Lauren
Last night I went to the movies with some friends from work. We laughed so hard during the musical film Hairspray.

I’m not convinced that the basis for a successful film should include adapting a musical that was adapted from a film, but despite its schizophrenic past, Hairspray can stand up as proudly as the hairstyles it features.

From the opening sequence, this is a musical with a soundtrack that gets you tapping your foot and itching to dance. A notable cast, including John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Amanda Bynes and Queen Latifah, supports the main actress, newcomer Nikki Blonsky. The casting of the actors is superb, and who came up with the idea that John Travolta in a fat suit would make such a fantastic matron as Tracy’s reclusive mother?

Baltimore highschooler Tracy Turnblad dreams of dancing and singing on the Corny Collins Show. However, being short and plump means she is judged unfairly by the superficial TV station manager (Michelle Pfeiffer). As Tracy works to overcome the barriers to her success, she teaches the town about racial integration and encourages her own mother to step out proudly.

This is a funny, funny feel-good movie. Go with a group of friends so you can laugh together, and I bet you’ll wake up the next morning singing ‘Good morning, Baltimore!’

Possums, September 07
Two noisy neighbours caught my attention when I returned home late at night. Possums are a pest, but they're protected wildlife, so we just encourage Misty to chase them away.

David, September 07
David has been installing and filling a new set of racks on the smaller mezzanine floor in the shed.

Sleeping arrangements in the shed
While I was out at the movies, David put both girls to bed in the portacot down in the shed while he worked on the mezzanine floor. They were asleep when I arrived, but I didn't know they were there, and my voice woke them.

In the shed, September 07
David is looking over the mezzanine floor to the cot (you can just see the top of it behind the silver fencing) where he placed the girls to sleep. David has fenced off a little section as a safe play zone for the girls while he drives the forklift around.