Last year, we celebrated Calista’s birthday at a local fairy festival topped off with cupcakes and candles in the evening at Johnny’s house. Although we didn’t plan it, this year Calista’s birthday was at the same location — the Bush Fairy Dairy which is next door to Johnny’s house.

Yesterday morning, when I told Calista it was her birthday, her response was, “Well, where’s my cake?” I started to fret a little, thinking that I would need to somehow manifest a cake. Little did I know that it would appear at the right time — without my manipulation or work!

A local woman organised a group meal to encourage, inspire and inform newcomers about the history and potential of the area. When we heard about it, we signed up, eager to spend time with old friends and make new ones.

Dinner party at the Bush Fairy Dairy, March 2012
Everyone eats outside on the deck next to the Bush Fairy Dairy's shop rooms. Although the chairs are originally arranged around tables, we find that a loose circle is more inclusive for everyone.

Calista with her candle and cake, March 2012
We sing "Happy birthday" when the dessert is brought out with a burning candle to mark Calista's birthday. She bounces up and down in glee, happy to be acknowledged in this way.

Calista's birthday dessert, March 2012
A gluten-free brownie, Rush Munro ice-cream and berries on the side — what a special birthday dessert!

We’re so thankful for all the local people who contributed to this special meal for us. And it was a real treat to have Nathan serenade Calista by singing “Happy birthday”. This was a day to remember, and such a special way to mark Cali’s birthday!