It’s been satisfying to see how our new approach to money, especially in regards to renting our house out works well in practice. We’ve built a beautiful relationship with the people who are taking care of our house, and it’s a pleasure to return to a well-cared-for property and spend time with the family who are now our friends.

Kerrie holding Elijah and Lauren holding Brioni with Calista jumping in the background, March 2012
Back in our "home neighbourhood," I have a lovely time catching up with my special friend Kerrie. She dropped in with her two boys for a surprise visit.

Our girls are happy to return to our shed home in Brisbane because they know they’ll get to play with “the big girls”. Heidi and Ivy are lovely big sisters to our smaller four, and they lead our girls in fun games around the yard, in the shed and even up in the house!

Our girls playing with Ivy and Heidi, March 2012
Our girls really enjoy playing with Ivy and Heidi. When we come here, we start keeping track of school days and school times so that we know when the "big girls" will be home.

When we handed over the house, we did so with a blessing, praying that the Jimenez family would enjoy a peaceful family life in our house. We were so happy to hear last year that Karina was pregnant, and she gave birth to daughter Nirvana Mia ten days before our son Elijah was born. Returning to Brisbane, it was special to finally meet Nirvana and hear the story of her birth.

Lauren with Elijah and Karina with Nirvana, March 2012
Our babies check each other out as Karina and I talk. In a special display of synchronicity, Karina and I were both pregnant last year and gave birth within ten days of each other.

Nirvana Mia, March 2012
Little Nirvana loves playing with her toys in the house which four of our babies also grew up in.

It’s been a pleasure for David and I to see how well the Jimenez family are taking care of our house. They tend to the garden, trimming the hedges, mowing the laws, cleaning the outside areas.

And Karina is a better housekeeper than I ever was! We are feeling richly blessed by this family and the circumstances which brought us together

Karina, March 2012
It's fun to chat with Karina as she prepares dinner in her kitchen.

We’re so glad that the Jimenezes have felt confident to make our house their home. We have no contract with them, no bond, no paperwork at all. Our agreement is built on our relationship and the mutual faith we have in each other’s desire to do the right thing.

Karina in the nursery, March 2012
Karina loves decorating her home and is creating a purple and pink theme for Nirvana's room. She's stencilling butterflies onto the walls and will sew new accessories that fit the colour scheme.

Jimenez' living room, March 2012
Karina has rearranged the rooms so their TV is in the lounge near the fireplace.

One year on, we’re glad that we didn’t take the traditional route of renting our house out. Whatever we have forfeited in monetary terms, we have certainly gained in peace of mind, rich relationships and an ongoing situation which allows us to stay on the road full-time!