Tonight we saw the girls spontaneously launch into shadow-puppetry. Their innovative play and clever techniques led to a special display.

We are still living in our shed, and have packed both the truck and trailer into it for safekeeping while we fly to New Zealand. So it doesn’t look like a typical home, but we’re comfortable and happy in it.

Delaney, 2 years old, having a nap, March 2012
We've taken some mattresses outside to air, and Delaney uses one for a nap. When Dell naps in the day, it means she stays up later at night with all of us.

In the evenings, we turn off the main lights to indicate that the girls should start thinking about going to bed. As they make their own bed-times, this isn’t a forced proclamation, but just a cue to help them discover their own rhythms.

After the lights were dimmed and head-torches were handed out, the girls discovered that they could do wonderful things with the shadows they were creating. David and I sat back and enjoyed the show.

Calista making shadow puppets, March 2012
Calista jumps around the furniture as she shines her light and appropriately declares her hand-shadow to be a funny rabbit.

Aisha shines a torch to make shadow puppets, March 2012
The girls learned how to direct their torch-light to make the clearest shadows on the sides of the truck and trailer.

Shadow puppetry by Brioni, March 2012
Brioni moves her finger to make her dog bark.

Brioni looks at a toad, March 2012
Later, David brings in a small cane toad for the girls to look at.

I saw wonderful shadow puppetry by Hans Davis while I visited Hong Kong a couple years ago. Perhaps I’ll show his work to the girls and see how they improve their technique!