(OR one reason I love going to work).

Playing poker at lunchtime
During lunchtime, a regular group of us get together and play Texas Hold'em poker. We don't bet money — just plastic chips. Each day everyone starts again with the same quantity of chips. Poker is a game of luck, mathematical analysis and bluff.

Texas Hold’em poker has exploded onto the Australian pub, club and restaurant scene mainly due to its exposure on late-night TV and popular movies.

In Texas Hold’em, players are dealt 2 cards face down and then 5 face up throughout the round, and all players can bet on the best combination of five. The game centres on complicated bluffs, a little mathematics and a good dose of luck!

Various ‘hole’ card combinations have been nicknamed:
‘Cowboys’ = pair of kings
‘Snowmen’ = pair of 8s
‘Big Slick’ = an ace and a king (also sometimes called Anna Kournikova because it looks good but rarely wins anything!)
‘Deuces’ = pair of 2s (also sometimes called a pair of ducks)

Queensland law, as in most states except NSW, says the game may be played outside of casinos provided there is no entry fee and no stakes paid. So don’t worry, I’m not turning into a gambler!